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Voice of Change is a much-needed radio series to highlight strong and confident women and their stories. Each interview is with a notable woman from Ethiopia, who has succeeded within the business or social sector and will share how she challenged gender norms and are standing up for equality. These inspiring stories will not only empower other women, but also educate listeners about the importance of gender diversity in the workplace and beyond.

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Tigist Getachew

The co-founder of ARAYA Venture Lab

Clock icon 66 minutes Language icon Amharic

Tigist Getachew is a young Ethiopian venture wizard. With an ambition of participating in the booming economy of her motherland, Tigist co-founded and led a successful advisory firm East Africa Gate. In 2021 she embarked on a new entrepreneurial adventure by co-founding ARAYA Venture Lab, creating new perspectives and finding home-grown solutions.

The episode was broadcasted on the May 4, 2022.

Hamere Mulugeta

The founder of Nu Chika Enabuka

Clock icon 65 minutes Language icon Amharic

A woman with a big heart, Hamere is truly passionate about nature and handicrafts. Her dream is to rediscover traditional values and instill them in children, fostering a culture of peace, tolerance and respect. In the heart of Hamere's home, she created a haven for family entertainment. A unique venue featuring indigenous plants and art that allows children to interact with nature while they enjoy delicious food from around our country.

The episode was broadcasted on the June 15, 2022.

Rahel Tsegaye

The founder and mastermind of Fidel Tiru

Clock icon 78 minutes Language icon Amharic

Being driven by her passion to introduce a comfortable teaching-learning method, Rahel started to produce high-quality learning materials, including illustrations, puzzles and storybooks. Constant communication with teachers and parents as well as her strong belief in playful learning help her company make a real and tangible impact.

For her pronounced contribution to children’s education in her country, she has been elected as a laureate from Ethiopia out of more than 3,000 African contestants by the Women by Africa Initiative

The episode was broadcasted on the 27th of July.

Serawit Teketel “Cherry”

The founder of Ellilta

Clock icon 72 minutes Language icon Amharic

She might have been the living manifestation of Mother Teresa’s words: “You cannot change the world, but you can change someone’s world.” The world was never a place just for herself. It was always full of questions about fate and injustice that one needs all moral strength to answer. And also full of compassion to the most vulnerable and rejected by society.

Once having caught a glimpse of the horrifying hidden world of the Ethiopian street sex-workers, Serawit began her lifelong quest of bringing positive change to their lives. She started her non-profit organization - Ellilta - in 1995. Since then Ellilta has been a loving and accepting community to some of the most marginalized people found in Ethiopia, and our shero is a heart of this community as she has dedicated her life to supporting the most vulnerable and making a difference around her.

The episode was broadcasted on the 21st of September.

Rahel Heruy

The founder of Damascene

Clock icon 90 minutes Language icon Amharic

Rahel is a successful herbalist and business woman, the founder of Damascene Essential Oil company who is giving a second life to the old secrets of traditional Ethiopian herbology and medicine. Graduated as a pharmacist, Rahel was always passionate about cultivating essential oils, spices and herbs. And now her mission is not only to ensure the quality of her products but also the employment of female farmers and the development of the market.

Rahel is a master of herbology, and we are excited to share her story with you.

The episode was broadcasted on the 9th of November.

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